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(Autism and / or intellectual disability (children and adults)

  1. DAY (7 HOURS)

Objectives: At the end of this session, the trainee will have discussed the criteria for the rating of the items and will be able to objectify the competences of the communication of the person evaluated from the results and to elaborate the outline of the Personalized Project of Interventions *

Context of use: Le ComVoor is a tool related to the clinical reality, it questions on the problems necessary to the practical interventions of support to the communication

What does the person understand about his environment? Which form of communication is the most suitable? What does it perceive and what does it attribute to it?

Reminders of the peculiarities and specificities of people with ASD

Presentation of the ComVoor tool

  • Presentation of the communication stages : sensation - presentation - representation - meta-representation

Methodology of the ComVoor tool (video support)

Handover, tool methodology, quotes and video analysis

Exchange: Analysis and interpretation of the results obtained, the identified stumbling points and the choice of an alternative communication system

Project writing: Means of communication (images / pictograms,
gestures, ...); Environmental management using appropriate tools

Exchanges, with participants

Dr. Françoise Infante

Trainer: Françoise Infante

Psychology, Trainer

Date: Thursday 19 September 2019.

Schedules : 9h00- 12 h30 and 13h30- 17h00

Place : Saint Etienne

Cost : 100 euros / participant.

A certificate is issued at the end of training.

trainer : Ms. Françoise INFANTE, Dr. in Psychology, Trainer

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