Training Center

Po'oz offers a training center that is for all professionals (medico-social sector, hospital, auxiliaries of school life, liberal professions, teachers) who have to deal with the daily life and the difficulties of decoding the functioning of people with autism, dys disorders, ....
  • the understanding of these developmental disorders gives professionals the means to optimize support with learning strategies that are particularly adapted to the way of thinking of the person with autism
  • trainings are offered to families who play a fundamental role in the education of their child

All our trainings are adaptable according to the approval of the establishments of the project of the users and the needs.

Intra in establishment with the pthe possibility of grouping several establishments.

In inter for independent professionals

We also offer distance education,
by videoconference.

Discover our training offer here

The Po'oz Training Center also offers regular trainings to parents, avs, .. to enable them to better help accompanied persons. These courses are announced in the "news" section of the site. Do not hesitate to tell us about your needs and wishes by going through the page Contact

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