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ABA: Applied Behavioral Analysis

ABA: Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Or how to teach someone with ASD.

12 and 13 September 2019 in Saint Etienne


Youth Po'oz Association: poozjeunes@mail.com - 06 09 76 55 95

A training certificate will be issued at the end of the internship

Updated knowledge has highlighted the difficulties for people with ASD to understand their environment who can not benefit from it to develop their skills.

The autism-adapted environment is one of the pillars of autism education (TEACCH), the way of teaching is based on knowledge of learning theories (ABA) applied behavior analysis.

Finally, these intervention programs are validated by the HAS and the ANSEM and the updated knowledge on autism lead to recognize the complementarity of these approaches.


At the end of this session, the trainee will know some of the principles of ABA, such as the use of reinforcement and the application of procedures. Thus he will be able to individualize the pedagogical actions according to the needs of the people with whom he intervenes. Through these teaching strategies the trainee will be able to promote the acquisition and generalization of learning.

Program :

1 Day - 7 hours

What is ABA? Its principles, ethics and issues around ASD.

The procedures


Teaching procedures

2 Day - 7 Hours


Problem behavior management strategy



Teaching method: Theoretical contributions, case study, exchanges, presentation of some tools

Teaching aids: Equipped room, a video projector, a booklet for the digital trainee.

Duration : 14 hours spread over 2 days

Place : Saint Etienne

Guillaume Meilleuret

Dates : Thursday 12 and Friday 13 September 2019, times: 9H00- 12H30 / 13H30- 17H00

Animator : Guillaume Meilleuret, medico-social and trainer


Professionals / Professions: 150 €

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