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Po'Oz Young is a actor of the evolution of the relations between neuroatypic and neurotypical. Our actions, our trainings, our partnerships are made to contribute to a harmonious inclusion of these people in the society, that they are autistic, Dys, HP ... Po'oz is also a center for reflection and action to allow harmonious inclusion young adults in society.

Po'Oz training pole

In order to fulfill its goals Po'Oz young regularly implements training actions on its territory. The goal is to bring together parents and professionals to bring them a concrete help.

Po'Oz is a manager of a training center which is aimed at all professionals, medico-social sector, hospital, auxiliaries of school life, liberal professions, teachers, who have to deal with everyday life and the difficulties of decoding the functioning of people with autism.

La comprehension of this developmental disorder gives professionals the means to optimize the accompaniment By learning strategies that are particularly adapted to the way of thinking of the person with autism, training is offered to families who play a fundamental role in the education of their children.

Our training actions are announced via our communication media, but also relayed by our partners.

Po'Oz young people is organizing a benefit package for people with autism. More precisely it is:

  • De adult exchange and mutual aid groups, diagnosed or questioned "The Po'Oz" once a month.
  • A childcare 18 months to 6 years, "The Magic Po'oz", to allow them to apprehend the socialization and the interaction with their relatives and to offer the parents a moment of break in their daily difficulty

Our benefits are performed by trained and supervised professionals, in accordance with recommendations for educational practices for people with autism.

The communication and sponsorship pole intervenes in support to the life of other poles to spread, make known and value the different actions of young Po'Oz.

It inscribes its action in a transversal approach, of which the goal is to ensure consistency between the different missions.

Communication Commission : Active Research Body of synergies and partnerships with other associations and with the main sector players. It allows to develop the communication tools both internally of the association and to its external environment (institutional, elected, citizens, etc ...)

It is in charge of information for the general public and professionals and intervenes on request in schools, associations ....

The Patronage & Accounting Committee

This working group brings together volunteers contributing to the search for financing solutions for services managed by the association. It ensures the accounting of the actions undertaken and reports transparently on its management to the supervisory authorities.

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