Po'Oz Objectives

Our goals

Reflect, Innovate, Act

Po'Oz defines his priorities actions and thinks about innovative support. She is looking for Dialogue with public and private partners. She is looking for funding for implement its objectives. She is investing for the future to make his projects a success.

Po'Oz are addressed to all young people different. In this part of the Autistic Spectrum that shelters those who were still known as Aspergers recently, as well as high potentials (HP), DYS, Hyper Sensitive, often suffering from phobias. And all those who do not know how to label them,

The goal of Po'oz is harmonious inclusion in adult life. Create a bridge so that the difference is no longer excluded and is a source of wealth.

Creation and management of innovative solutions

The association makes available concerned people services offering them interactions and activities allowing them a personal, cognitive and social development.

It is listening people to adapt, as much as possible, the living environment to their specific needs. She wants to be on the initiative services, structures and devices of tomorrow.

Foster synergies and partnerships between actors

PO'OZ young commits in an economic context encouraging the rationalization of means to:

  • Work with different partners formalized networks recognized as complementary, as well as all public and private bodies and organizations involved in projects for the benefit of those concerned
  • Lead the actions by associating the users of services, parents, professionals and volunteers in a perspective of collaboration and social bond
  • Strengthen your links with the actors who are close to her and with whom she shares a certain number of common values.

Conduct information and training actions

PO'OZ Young is registered in an awareness-raising approach from the general public.

A true consideration of differences will facilitate the recognition of these people, and will put an end to misinterpretations. The association therefore wishes to continue its awareness actions, information and training towards all the public concerned in order to better respond to their problems.

Join us !

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