Our values

Solidarity vis-à-vis users and families

In partnership with other actors in the field and public authorities:

  • Helping families, understanding, listening, supporting, supporting families and welcoming families but also people with disabilities
  • Solidarity vis-à-vis the people concerned by proposing adapted and evolutive solutions, in accordance with HAS / ANESM recommendations
  • Mutual support and support
  • Strive to provide people and their families with the means to relieve them
  • Reception and listening to families in order to find adapted solutions for the support of disabled people
  • Reach out, help, listen to families, not leave without concrete help.

Listen, understand and guide family, loved ones and people with disabilities in the search for concrete and adapted solutions.

Respect and dignity

  • To consider the individual in its entirety and whatever it is, recognition of the person as a whole, without discrimination.
  • Acceptance of the person in all its dimensions.
  • To listen to the person, respect his choices and needs, take care with educational proposals, the person according to his needs.

Accept, respect, be attentive to the person in all stages of his life course

Valorisation of the person and his potential

  • Valorize the person and the skills of the latter to create all the ways, give him every means of inclusion.
  • Consider the person as a competent person and not the other way around
  • "Capacities": innate // "Skills": acquired

Identify and optimize people's abilities and skills


  • Work to guarantee the access of the people concerned to the City (school, culture, housing, leisure ...), to recognize to the person of the rights but also of the duties, to respect rights and duties
  • Integration of the person in the City: give him the keys to access the City
  • Help the person become aware of his Citizenship: educational strategy to put in place for the person to access citizenship

Promote access to the city, including education, schooling, social life, culture, housing, work ...

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