Training program "Sport and Autism is possible" from 27 October 2018

Saturday 27 October, Training "Sport and Autism" with Sharing City, register now!

Sport and Autism: it's possible!
The challenges of sensoriality, the contribution of sport for autism, tracks and answers for the adaptation of sport to autism.
Information, videos, exchanges. .
Training open to sports teachers and coaches wishing to add sport to their tools.
Training is offered.
A training certificate will be issued upon request.


Adapted and inclusive

A number of children avoid contact, remain on the periphery of the group. The look, the contact are experienced as painful, intrusive. The starting point of the sporting activity is above all "being together and having fun, then comes the know-how, and then, little by little, to tackle other challenges.

The understanding of autism seen from the inside

  • Early signs of autism video o The cognitive specificities of the person with ASD:
  • Weaknesses of central coherence (eye tracking,), contextual blindness, verbal communication (video the world goes too fast)
  • Executive Function Disorders: initiate, continue, terminate and their implications
  • Presentation of 7 sensory channels
  • Remediation and adaptation tracks by sensory fields
  • Difficulties in motor programming and frequent slowness
  • What exercises, to become aware of his body, space and gradually other.
  • Progression of the social rules of games

Proximity, game, parallel, Waiting for a turn, Playing together ... Illustrated with many examples

  • Clarification of sequences and organization of sequences of actions (plan and chain movements) clarify each posture in different stages
  • A visual breakdown of each step promotes understanding of the rules.
  • Some exercise tracks: illustrated with visual and concrete examples

In the program of the day: theory and practice (Power point, video, exchanges)


A training certificate will be given to any person making the request

Practical information :

Schedules : 9h30 - 12h 30 and 14h00-17h00

City, Country: House of Nature, 11 rue René Cassin, Saint-Etienne

Registration and Information : poozjeune@gmail.com04 77 34 18 87 // 06 09 76 55 95

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