Share City Spring Edition 2019

Po'oz will be offering a series of 4 lectures from February to May 2019.

These conferences are addressed to the professionals concerned by the subject and to the persons interested in the deepening of these questions

We will give you dates and locations as soon as we have finalized the program.

Here is an overview of the topics covered:

1er semester 2019

4 themes is a conference a month, a Friday from 18h to 20h:

February 2019: Autism and its specificities in the light of the latest research and discoveries.

March 2019: The issue of schooling for autists (a broad topic since it covers both the problem of schooling itself but also that social skills which consideration is still a difficult problem solvable at present)

April 2019: Inclusion: the tracks of professional inclusion, (with the idea of ​​inviting to this conference the actors of the employment (pole employment, cap employment, the ICC, the chamber of trades, ....)

May 2019: Autonomy: the tracks and the tools to put in place to allow autonomy for adults with autism.

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