Reconsider autism and give autistic people the right to be self

And the right to their autistic way of life. We talked about adaptation, we talk about inclusion. All is well. But what does one hear behind?

We want to bring autistic people into society, and why not bring society into the world of autism?
No one thinks about it. In politics, we talk about giving life to elected officials about the life of a person at RSA, we would not make those who talk about inclusion experience what a person with autism feels.
And yet with a little will we could. One can create the conditions of discovery, understanding, but who will go see, who will feel, who will go to hear?

We will not require a person in a wheelchair to walk (although we may wonder when we see the lack of amenities). Why do you ask an autistic person to blend into the mass of social relationships?
To spend the day in overcrowded classrooms, noisy courtyards, crowded canteens?

To work all day in the middle of others?

To have to live among people whose modes of functioning she can not understand, because they are unsaid?
Who would imagine diving all day, all week, all year or so in an environment that disorients, disturbs, painfully reaches its senses and hold without collapsing?

Nobody, and yet that is what is expected of people with autism.
So we talk about helping them adapt, we educate them with methods that lead them to do "right".

What does this "right thing" mean? Do not be noticed?
We start from theories without knowing what they are experiencing and feeling.

They are banned from sports because they are not able to do so, they are classified as "Asperger, Kanner, nonverbal, deficient" and from time to time, there is a person classified as autistic deficient who is found to have an IQ. well above average, she just needed a proper means of communication.
Let's work to create places that are living universes for autistic people, all autistic without exception.
Society wakes up on the subject of autism, only mistakenly reports "Asperger". Are interested, ask questions like, can these people autistic can bring more to the economic development? And at what price for them! Want to make them work in business ?! While developing teleworking would be a suitable adaptation solution to their needs?
Why always want them to have social interactions (as much as the others)?
Why always want to model the other in his image?

Respect the singularity, respect the handicap that makes so singular, it is also to advance this world, because it has a lot of need of humanity.
"On my autistic notebooks, I write your name Freedom", for a legitimate claim to the right to be.

Po'Oz wants to create this place, the first of, we hope, a long series. Where autistic people can live, for a short or indefinite time, live in an environment that is harmonious. Where families can come find theirs, or spend holidays with their children with special needs, without the support of those who do not know or understand, a haven of peace, a magical break, the break of the Wizard of Oz, the place of Po'oz simply.

We are working on it with perseverance, relentlessly, as the plowman works the land to bring forth the harvest, calmly, but surely.

For those who want to participate in this great project, join us, support us, making us known, financially, by organizing actions to help us .. When this place will come out of the ground, it will also be a little yours, because that you will have participated.

Monique Chardin,
President of Po'oz Youth